SDSU University Seminar Hybrid Course

Project Owner: Division of Undergraduate Studies, San Diego State University

Project Role

  • Collaborated with SME to organize the on-line curriculum, designed and developed course in the learning management system, Blackboard

Project Purpose

  • Develop a hybrid course for SDSU’s University Seminar course. Twenty sections of this class were offered, each taught by a different faculty member. All students participated in the same asynchronously online environment built in Blackboard for thirty minutes each week and then met on campus one hour a week. All twenty sections followed the same online curriculum. The face-to-face class allowed for faculty discretion, so they could apply the learning objectives to their discipline/major.

Project Goals

The online portion of the syllabus met the following goals:

  • Expose freshman to the features and functions of Blackboard, including the assessment, discussion, and interactive features of the software.
  • Understanding the big campus picture and taking charge of one’s graduation path.
  • Wellness, staying health and safe at university.
  • Developing information literacy and understanding university expectation.

Project Audience

  • Faculty teaching the University Seminar hybrid course
  • SDSU freshman enrolled in the University Seminar hybrid course

Project Deliverables

  • Fourteen online modules that follow the ICARE model (introduction, connection, application, reflection, extend)
    • The online modules are accessible in Blackboard
  •  End of semester faculty and student evaluations

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