eSupervision Hybrid Course

Project Owner: eSupervision, an initiative operated by the School of Teacher Education at San Diego State University

Project Role

  • Collaborated with faculty to restructure the online course, design and develop an accompanying website in WordPress.

Project Purpose

  • Retrofit eSupervision, a hybrid course hosted in the Leaning Management System (LMS) Moodle. Changes were based on previous user’s feedback and course curriculum updates
  • Design and develop an accompanying website in WordPress.

Project Goals

  • Create a online community of learners dedicated to best practices in teaching, learning, and guide teaching.
  • Provide student teachers, guide teachers, and university supervisors with effective and innovative experiences using  technology.
  • Provide the structures, scaffolding, and accountability frameworks for continuous improvement of all members of the student teaching triad and the eSupervision program.

Project Audience

  • School of Teacher Education student teachers, guide teachers, and university supervisors

Project Deliverables

  • WordPress website
  • Updated eSupervison, online course built in the LMS Moodle
  • Job-aid on how to access and navigate through the LMS course

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eSupervison Wordpres Site,

eSupervison Wordpres Site,

eSupervision LMS Moodle Site

eSupervision LMS Moodle Site

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