Dispensing Oral Morphine Job Aid

Project Owner: San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine (SDHIPM)

Project Role

  • Collaborated with SME to write content, designed and developed job aid

Project Purpose

  • Include this job aid in all patient emergency medical kits.

Project Goals

  • Reading the prescription label, identify the Morphine Sulfate oral solution included in the emergency medical kit.
  • Identify which tools included in the emergency medical kit a patient/care giver will need to dispense the Morphine Sulfate oral solution.
  • Based on provider’s order, use the tool to fill the syringe with the exact amount of Morphine Sulfate oral solution.

Project Audience

  • SDHIPM patients
  • Patient’s family/ caregivers

Project Deliverable

  • Technical job aid on how to dispense Morphine Sulfate oral solution

© 2012 San Diego Hospice and the Institute of Palliative Medicine

Morphine Solution Job Aid

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