Spiritual Pain

Project Owner: San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine (SDHIPM)

Project Role

  • Designed and developed the e-learning course.

Project Purpose

  • Identified methodology improvements for delivering the “Spiritual Pain” curriculum.
  • Transformed this leader-led course into an asynchronous e-learning training.

Project Goals

  • Investigate the most effective learning methodologies for delivering the “Spiritual Pain” curriculum.
  • Define spiritual pain and identify the four dimensions of spiritual pain.
  • Identify when a patient is suffering from spiritual pain and how to assess their symptoms.
  • Explain how to treat spiritual pain.

Project Audience

  • Primarily, spiritual counselors
  • Secondarily, nurses and social workers

Project Deliverables

  • e-Learning course (45 minutes)
    • Practice questions
    • A comprehensives assessment
    • The e-Learning is SCORM and LMS accessible

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