On-Call Training

Project Owner: San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine (SDHIPM)

Project Role

  • Collaborated with SME to write curriculum, designed and developed e-learning.

Project Purpose

  • Provide-on-call training to new social workers (MSWs) and spiritual counselors (SPCs) prior to their first on-call assignment.
  • Experienced staff can review this e-learning for retention and practice.

Project Goals

  • Increase knowledge of on-call visit expectations and protocol, including response time, boundaries and identifying unsafe situations.
  • Increase awareness of how to access on-call managers, other support staff or on-call disciplines.
  • Improve communication between the on-call MSW/SPC and patient/family.
  • Identify additional resources.

Project Audience

  • Social workers
  • Spiritual counselors

Project Deliverables

  • e-Learning course (35 minutes)
    • A comprehensive assessment requiring a score of 85% or higher to pass and receive credit for participating in the training
    •  e-learning is SCORM and LMS accessible


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