Pain Fundamental for Long Term Care Facilities

Project Owner: San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine (SDHIPM)

Project Role

  • Designed and developed e-learning.

Project Purpose

  • Develop palliative care training for  staff at Seacrest Village, long term care facility.

Project Goal

  • Understanding the fundamentals of pain management and assessment of pain.
  • Describe how pain impacts a patient psychosocially and spiritually.
  • Identify pain management treatments and how to manage side effects.
  • Understand how the process of dosing of mediation impact’s a patients pain level.

Project Audience

  • Newly hired Home Health Aids and Licensed Vocational Nurses at Seacrest Village.

Project Deliverables

  • Three e-learning courses; each  includes practice questions and a final comprehensive assessment
    1. Pain Fundamentals (60 minutes)
    2. Psychosocial/Spiritual, Communications, and Pain Treatments (60 minutes)
    3. Medication Dosing (60 minutes)



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